May 13, 2019 Comments..0 provides the best crop harvesting equipment called Autotrac, thus you will be able to safely cut your crop and save it from damage. Through our company you can purchase the best crop harvesting equipment which will make you save a considerable amount of money and time.

Why choose the equipment?

GPS connectivity

When you purchase our product then you will also be able to work during night hours. The crop harvesting equipment which is designed by our company basically uses a GPS signaling with which you will be able to work even in low visibility. Furthermore, you will be able to get the benefits of more than 50 satellites on the field which will provide you genuine guidance throughout your work.

Achieve more

With our Autotrac, you will be able to cut more crops in comparison to various traditional methods. This equipment cuts crop in a very precise manner thus you don’t have to deal with skips as well as over lapping and it decreases the time of crop cutting by 14%.

Automated equipment

Our equipment also works in an auto mode, thus you can save yourself from making mistakes while you are cutting crops in the field. When you purchase this equipment then you will be able to reduce a considerable amount of stress as it possesses a steering wheel which makes it more flexible to operate.

Terrain module and RTK connectivity

Through our Autotrac, you will be able to set different modules before working in a field. Thus, you will not only be able to prevent it from tripping over but also give more precision to your work. If during harvesting you get off terrain and lose your signal with GPS satellites then you will be given an automatic connectivity to SF2 station. For this service, you don’t even have to pay anything extra.

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