Essential rules of customer service that will boost your business profits
June 3, 2019 Comments..0

It is an unspoken rule, but the way your business handles clients will determine whether it grows or remains in a rut of self-infliction. The more you emphasize excellence, the more people will be willing to buy from you and spend more. In fact, a recent study revealed that customers are likely to spend 13 to 18 per cent more when they were handled well by customer service.

Therefore, it is important to maximize on this area as much as you can, other than setting profit targets for your enterprise. Here are some rules to abide by.

Resist the idea of transferring your problems to the customer

You do not want your customers frustrated because of inefficiencies in your own system, and making them find out about it. Issues will always arise sometimes, and you might not be in a position to avoid all of them.

However, instead of making the customer know the issues, do your best to fix them behind the scenes. There is no reason for them to know the details of everything happening, and never seek to place the burden on them. Instead, turn the situation into a positive one – for instance, when there are delays, you can arrange for them to wait at the bar and buy some drinks while you sort out the issue.

Embracing dialogue and reviews

It is best to get feedback from customers, even the infrequent ones. The more they see their opinions being considered, the more likely they will want to shop in your business.

You can do this through numerous ways, for instance a smartphone app. When the customer needs to order something and pick it up at your store, they can access the information through the app and get what they want, while also helping with cases of theft due to customer tracking.

Respond quickly using empathy when you are responding to customers

Most customers will expect that you respond to their complaints within an hour – this means that the faster you respond, the more they will want to buy more products from you. However, that does not mean the responses should be on auto play; you need to tailor them to the needs of the customer to make them more personalized.

In addition, there must always be empathy when responding to customers, as this will help your customer feel appreciated and heard.

Map the entire journey of the customer

These will include all the important points and frustrations that the customer may have, as well as the areas they are satisfied in. you can do this through using external and internal market data, which will also inform you of the things your customers generally expect for a satisfying shopping experience.

You can share these insights with your employees, and integrate them in the goal setting process, as well as emphasizing the importance of giving customers feedback.

Final thoughts

As long as you seek to improve, your company will grow due to the attention you pay to your customers’ needs. In turn, your profits will increase and customer satisfaction will grow.

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